2019 & 2020 Hometown Heroes Homey Awards Winners

Congratulations to all of the Homey Awards winners from 2019 and 2020.

Album of the year: The Peace Creeps - Social Studies
EP of the year: The Quixote Project - Namesake
Song of the year: Richard Raw - Black and I'm Proud
Best Band: TreeWalker
Best female solo artist: Sharon Sable
Best male solo artist: Michael Braunfeld
Best new artist: Love? said the Commander
Best lead singer: Jeff Selby - The Quixote Project
Best guitarist: E. Shawn Qaissaunee - Sharon Sable
Best bass player: Isaac Moore - Russell Que
Best drummer/percussionist: Myke Glessner - Russell Que
Best keyboardist: Dale Melton - Lili Anel
Best songwriter: Katie Barbato
Best producer: Jim Salamone - The Quixote Project
Best Pop Song: Camille Peruto - Silver Lining
Best rock song: TreeWalker - Looks Could Kill
Best hard rock/metal song: Soraia - Evergreen
Best R&B song: Lili Anel - Take It From Me
Best rap/hip hop song: Richard Raw - Black And I'm Proud
Best alternative song: Rngleader - Soon Enough
Best Folk song: The Honey Badgers - Keep Driving
Best country/Americana song: Christine Havrilla & Gypsy Fuzz - Hail
Best Jazz Song (combined 2019/2020): Lili Anel - Better Days
Best collaboration: Darnell Miller & Angela Sheik - I Survived
Best music video: Michael Braunfeld - Driver
THE Homey Award for contributions to the local music scene in a non-musician role: Melissa Forsythe

Album of the year: Brother Starling - The Weight Of Change
EP of the year: Hoochi Coochi - The Watershed
Song of the year: Boy Wonder - Not Another Minute
Best band: Brother Starling
Best female solo artist: Erin Fox
Best male solo artist: Boy Wonder
Best new artist: Best Bear
Best lead singer: Geremiah Giampa - Brother Starling
Best guitarist: Jeffrey Attakorah -Blues Reincarnation Project
Best bass player: Eric Cooper - Coop a Loop
Best drummer/percussionist: Tom Mellon - Brother Starling
Best keyboardist: Fingaz Inc. - Xpresidents & Boy Wonder
Best other instrumentalist: Will Schade - saxophone w/ Boy Wonder
Best songwriter: Boy Wonder
Best producer: Ritchie Rubini
Best Pop Song: Emily Drinker - Enough is Enough
Best rock song: Forsaken - Let's Roll
Best hard rock/metal song: Zenora - Bring Back Rock n Roll
Best R&B song: Blues Reincarnation Project - Save My Soul
Best rap/hip hop song: Supreem da Rezarekta-Swing For The Fences
Best alternative song: Revolution, I Love You - Clairvoyance
Best Folk song: Kirby Moore - River
Best country/America song: Brother Starling - The Air
Best collaboration: Delaware Artists for Change - Freedom Call
Best music video: Loud Love ftg. Josh Freeze - Hold Fast
THE Homey Award for contributions to the local music scene in a non-musician role: Gable Music Ventures
Artist of the Year: Sug Daniels