2022 Hometown Heroes Homey Awards Winners

Congratulations to all of the Homey Awards winners from 2021.

Artist of the Year: The Collingwood
Album of the Year: Camille Peruto - "Perfect Vision"
EP of the Year: Sug Daniels - "Franklin Street"
Song of the Year: John Faye - "Orbit"
Best Band: Grace Vonderkuhn
Best Female Solo Artist: Erin Fox
Best Male Solo Artist: John Faye
Best New Artist: Liz Miller
Best Lead Singer: Melissa Menago - June Divided
Best Guitarist: Patrick Daniels - Hollow Pledge
Best Bassist: Melissa Forsythe - Less Than Five
Best Drummer/Percussionist: Zil Fessler - Pawnshop Roses
Best Pianist/Keyboardist: Avi Wisnia
Best Other Instrumentalist: Sug Daniels
Best Songwriter: Boy Wonder
Best Producer: Ritchie Rubini
Best Pop Song: Camille Peruto - "Pretty on the Outside"
Best Rock Song: Grace Vonderkuhn - "Rock & Roll Gary"
Best Hard Rock/Metal Song: Heavy Temple - "A Desert Through the Trees"
Best R&B Song: Boy Wonder - "Masks"
Best Rap/Hip-Hop Song: Supreem Da Rezarekta' - "Rise and Grind"
Best Alternative Song: The Collingwood - "Jouissance"
Best Folk Song: Sug Daniels - "Heavy"
Best Country/Americana Song: Jovon Newman - "Certified"
Best Jazz Song: Erin Fox - "Fuzzy Logic"
Best Collaboration: John Faye & Reece Ratliff - "Orbit"
Best Music Video: The Collingwood - "Jouissance"
The Homey Award: George & Paula Wolkind