Hometown Heroes Homey Awards

Hometown Heroes is proud to present the annual Homey Awards. The Homey Awards celebrate outstanding achievements in local, original music from the past year (in this case, 2021).

But before we get to the ceremony, we need to determine this year's nominees; and that's up to YOU.

Voting is open through Friday, June 24. The final nominees will be announced Sunday, June 26 on Hometown Heroes.

You do not have to vote in every category, but you may only vote once in each category. Duplicate votes will be deleted. So please, one ballot per person.

If you're a musician who released local, original music in 2021 and you're not on the ballot, or if there are any changes, additions or errors (including typos), email Mark at hthmrogers@gmail.com so things can be amended.

Thanks for participating in the Homey Awards. And thanks as always for supporting local, original music.

The voting period is now closed. Thanks for your interest!